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Dear HCAFA Member,

We are happy to inform you that the third adjunct contract is ready for ratification by HCAFA members.  We feel fortunate that despite the negative climate regarding labor organizations, HCAFA has negotiated an agreement that adds to the gains made in our previous agreements.  As is usually the case, we had hoped for even more gains, particularly regarding compensation and access to health care.  Although we were unable to reach all of our goals, we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve: additional paid leave, summer benefits, partial seniority and more.  Your vote for ratification will confirm the value of the proposed contract.  If approved, the contract will be in effect from August 2012 – August 2016.

The major change that you will notice in the agreement is that all HCAFA members (teaching faculty as well as librarians and counselors) are now represented in one agreement.

Highlights of the New Agreement


Salary Increase

  • Additional Lane for Long-Term Employees with Salary Increase of 3.5%
  • Salary Increase of 3.5 for Adjuncts at the Starting Level
  • 3% Salary Increase for All Other Adjuncts

 Increased Leave Time:

  • Personal Paid Leave Accessible in ½ day increments.
  • An additional Day of Paid Leave for Special Circumstances  (Teaching Adjuncts)
  • Additional Day of Paid Summer Leave for Special Circumstances  (Teaching Adjuncts)
  • Jury Duty Leave.
  • Accrual of up to 7 hours of Personal Paid Leave (Librarians & Counselors)

Professional Development Money for Use in the Summer

Working Conditions

  • Priority in Class Assignment for Long-Term Employees
  • Extended Eligibility for Adjuncts Who Lose a Class before the 4th Consecutive Semester

 Improved Provisions:

  • Discipline Provision
  • Evaluation
  • Large Lecture Instruction (Teaching Adjuncts)
  • Independent Study Assignments

 New Provisions:

  • Supervision of Students in Internship Experiences
  • Online Class Development

 Improved Provisions for Communication and Representation of HCAFA Members:

  • Use of the College Email System
  • Expanded Use of Harper Bulletin Boards
  • Elimination of Grandfathering in Last Year of New Contract

 All of the above-mentioned highlights are additions to those given in our last contract.

 Before you vote, familiarize yourself with the contract!  You can access the complete proposed contract by clicking on the link that follows or by going to the document tab on this website, . Make sure that you read all the provisions in order to fully understand and take advantage of your rights. 


Your Negotiating Team: Gary Wilson, Chair, hcafams1@gmail.com; Rob Alexander, hcafatreasurer@gmail.com; Arlene Bublick, hcafasecretary@gmail.com’ Joanne Meyerhoff, hcafalibcoun1@gmail.com’ Charmian Tashjian, hcafapresident@gmail.com

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  1. Is anyone else having problems opening the contract with a Mac?

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