• Reminders

  • HCAFA Executive Committee monthly meetings continue to be held online via Zoom.  All meeting times are TBA. All HCAFA members are invited to join the sessions:

    • July 8 (tentative) - on campus in room L-200 from 10:30am - 12 noon. Zoom is optional.
    • August 18 at 4pm - 5:30pm in L-200. Zoom is optional.
  • For information, contact HCAFA President Robert Allare at hcafapresident@gmail.com Unfortunately, our local Illinois Education Association office in Palatine is closed due to the pandemic, but messages (847.359.0300) are forwarded to us. For an emergency situation, you may contact the HCAFA President via email (hcafapresident@gmail.com) or IEA's central office in Springfield at https://ieanea.org/ieaconnect/ for telephone and live chat during their limited weekday hours as well as the email option. 


For most documents that require you to log on to HIP, the Harper Intranet Portal, the document or site you seek will be listed under the heading “Most Requested Forms.”


Availability (Separate forms for Teaching Adjuncts and Adjunct Faculty Counselors and Librarians)

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

  • Handbook on the Harper Portal–You will need to log in.  The handbook can be found by clicking on CAFE under the heading “Most Requested Forms.”



Dual Unit Memorandum of Agreement 2010

Enrollment Form

Evaluation Form on the Harper Portal–You will need to log in to the Harper Portal

History of HCAFA (10 Year Anniversary Celebration) 2013

Large Lecture Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding

Librarian/Counselor Eligibility Memorandum of Understanding 2011

Professional Development

SURS/SSA Notes from May 2010

Syllabus Checklist on Harper Portal

Union Representation–Weingarten Rights Set Forth in the National Labor Relations Act




Harper Full-Time Faculty Contract with Extension to 2015