• Reminders

  • HCAFA Executive Committee monthly meetings listed below. Meetings start at 9:30 AM. All HCAFA members are invited to join the sessions. Dates as follows:

    • February 17: Zoom, 9:30-11 AM
    • March (TBD)
    • April 28 (TBD)
    • May 12 (TBD)
    • June 23 (TBD)
  • For information, contact HCAFA President Robert Allare at hcafapresident@gmail.com Unfortunately, our local Illinois Education Association office in Palatine is closed due to the pandemic, but messages (847.359.0300) are forwarded to us. For an emergency situation, you may contact the HCAFA President via email (hcafapresident@gmail.com) or IEA's central office in Springfield at https://ieanea.org/ieaconnect/ for telephone and live chat during their limited weekday hours as well as the email option. 

From the NEA-RA

Bonjour from Nawlins!  My apologies for not posting earlier.  The internet situation here is pretty bad.  The RA is in full session today with some 60 new business items to discuss and vote on, as well as voting on the budget.  This was my first RA and it was fascinating!  Much of the RA is devoted to K-12 issues but Higher Ed is also well represented and is becoming a growing caucus.  I joined the Contingent Faculty Caucus which is dedicated to lobbying for higher education and specifically adjunct issues within NEA.  Seeing 8000 delegates and 5000 staff and guests in a convention center all talking about educational issues is truly an awesome and awe inspiring sight.  If you have ever thought about wanting to be involved, going to the IEA-RA or the NEA-RA is amazing!  Watch this space in the next day or two as I will upload some pictures from the NEA-RA!

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