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“Fair Share” Members Need to Support HCAFA to Retain the Gains Adjuncts at Harper Have Made

Dear HCAFA bargaining unit members,

You have heard from us and the media about the “Janus case” which was ruled on Wednesday by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case – which began here in Illinois and supported by Governor Rauner – centered on the question if those who benefit from the protections of and benefits negotiated by a union must contribute to the expenses of doing so. “Fair share” members’ dues were reduced to reflect that portion of expenses in the political realm. It is another attack on working people.

A decision in that case was made against public sector unions such as ours. The new conservative composition of the Court caused a 5-4 ruling that cancels those “fair share” provisions. Another blow was the retirement announcement of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy which opens the door for the Koch Brothers and their ilk to select another arch-conservative to fill that lifelong seat. All in all, Thursday was a dark day for the middle class, long the backbone of our society.

There are potentially dire results for us at Harper. If local unit membership falls below 50% + 1 of eligible persons, the College can move to decertify HCAFA as representatives of eligible adjuncts. If that is successful, at that moment all provisions of our contract vanish! Our salary schedule, workplace protections, paid leave days, and all those contractual items would be at the whim of the College.

We have to look only to nearby Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan to witness what happens when union representations are no longer available. These “right to work” states are actually “right to work for less” and “right to work the way we tell you to” states. Organized voices tend to be listened to rather than those of individuals.

Full members now have our collective futures in their hands. Please consider if you will see your membership as an investment in our local’s ability to represent you and provide a professional voice on local, state, and national levels.

It would not be unexpected if individuals or invested groups might contact you immediately and ask you to formally renounce your HCAFA membership. Please contact a HCAFA Executive Committee member before you would do that. Please look at your membership as an investment rather than an expense. Stick with us!

Thanks for all you do for our students, the College, and your colleagues throughout the year.

In unity,

The HCAFA Executive Committee


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