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  • HCAFA Executive Committee monthly meetings listed below. Meetings start at 9:30 AM. All HCAFA members are invited to join the sessions. Dates as follows:

    • April 28
    • May 12 (TBD)
    • June 23 (TBD)
  • For information, contact HCAFA President Robert Allare at hcafapresident@gmail.com Unfortunately, our local Illinois Education Association office in Palatine is closed due to the pandemic, but messages (847.359.0300) are forwarded to us. For an emergency situation, you may contact the HCAFA President via email (hcafapresident@gmail.com) or IEA's central office in Springfield at https://ieanea.org/ieaconnect/ for telephone and live chat during their limited weekday hours as well as the email option. 

IEA Higher Insider Update

Governor to impose extreme insurance hikes

In an effort to shift state costs to its employees, the governor is now planning to impose his extreme contract terms on state employees, including professors and employees in the state university system who are part of the Central Management System by increasing health insurance costs. The plan would result in increases that range from $3100 in FY17 to more than $10,000 over the next three years. In one scenario, a university professor earning $88,000 a year enrolled in a managed care plan covering two dependents would shoulder an additional $14,420 in health care costs over the next three years. Premium contributions would increase from $3,786 per year to almost $9,500 per year by FY19. To maintain that salary, the professor would have to receive a 5.5% increase to base pay. AFSCME prepared and sent a  fact sheet to IEA staff and leaders in late November.

Fund Our Future postcard campaign continues

The Fund Our Future coalition decided to continue collecting signatures on the postcards to let our legislators know they need to fully fund the MAP grants. If you still have postcards or want to do more, please continue collecting the ones you have or forward them to your local IEA office.

Campaign materials, including instructions and postcards, may be requested by contacting Mary Ann Kocher with the IEA Higher Ed Program. The postcards will likely be delivered during the spring legislative session. Stay tuned.

In the news

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) agreed to request that the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) grant community colleges the option of offering a bachelor’s in nursing. The measure, if accepted, would likely require legislation before approval. Read comments from IEA Higher Ed Director Michael McDermott regarding this issue.

Bloomington Pantagraph editorial: Common sense needed in nursing degree debate

Negative impacts of higher ed budget crisis continue

Daily Herald: Oakton Community College preschool may close due to decreased state funding

Effects of the budget impass on day-to-day lives

Illinois has not passed a real budget in over a year, the first state to do so since the Great Depression. Go to inthesetimes.com to read more and view several Stranded by the State videos.

News from the IEA Higher Ed Council

The IEA Higher Education Council serves as the primary advisory body to IEA governance and IEA staff in regard to matters concerning higher education and its faculty, graduate assistants and professional support staff. The council meets up to four times yearly.  Council news, business and actions will be shared as a regular part of the Higher Ed insider.

Higher Ed Council meeting minutes and highlights
Nov. 11-12 meeting highlights
Following a session with Industrial Areas Foundation Organizer Jonathan Lange, the council agreed to invite contingent workers of all stripes to talk about their lives and work experience. If the plan works, we hope to develop a strategy of resistance to just-in-time workers as the new normal for employment arrangements.
IEA Director of Government Relations Jim Reed provided a legislative update. Higher ed funding will likely be a top issue in the upcoming legislative session. U of I has introduced a proposal for its own deal for reliable funding for five years and we may see this from other institutions. Performance funding will be an issue.
NEA Director Gina Harris noted that the council should pay close attention to the ESSA and how it relates to higher ed.
Jim Grimes presented on the NEA Professional Practices Community. This resource is free to all IEA members.
The statewide higher ed positions to be elected in 2017 were discussed. Four council positions are up for election as well as the suburban section representative and alternate (all three-year terms). In January, you will receive the 2017 NEA-RA Delegate and Special Elections mailer containing information on elections and how to submit a nomination. You may also visit the IEA website for elections information. Nominations are due by Feb. 22.
The Higher Ed Council has developed IEA candidate questionnaires for executive officers and NEA directors set to be sent the first of January after the nomination deadline. Candidates will be interviewed, and recommendations made, at the next council meeting scheduled for February in Bloomington.
Higher ed members are encouraged to attend the NEA Higher Ed Conference, Mar. 16-19, in Dallas. IEA funding is available. Funding request forms are due by Jan. 13.
The council discussed the IEA One Conference and decided to continue with this joint conference. They would also like to provide regional conferences if additional funding can be obtained.
Once approved, final minutes for the November council meeting will be shared in the insider.

Please send questions, comments or concerns to the IEA Higher Ed Chair

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