• Reminders

    Important Dates:

    HCAFA Executive Committee Meetings, Spring 2020 (All meetings start at 10:30 and finish at noon. Most meetings are at Harper L204.):

    • Fri., March 20, 2020 (March 20th meeting cancelled)
    • Fri., April 17, 2020
    • Fri., May 22, 2020

    Light Meal Served

    For information or to check if the time or location has been changed, call Hasmig or Amy at the IEA office.  (847 359-0300), 553 N. North Ct., Suite 210, Palatine

Update on Negotiations

The HCAFA is vey fortunate to have an outstanding and dedicated negotiating team.  Gary Wilson is HCAFA’s chief negotiator.  Other members on the team are Rob Alexander, Arlene Bublick, Janice Cutler, Joanne Meyerhoff, Larry Price, Charmian Tashjian, and Amy Kunz, our Uniserv Director from IEA. 

Our team had not planned on meeting with the College as many times as we have.   The HCAFA negotiating team has been meeting with Harpr’s administrative team since January.   We have met for 19 very long sessions on your behalf and feel that we are finally coming closer to an agreement.  We have discussed all of the many issues that you, our members, have asked us to consider.  The following are among those issues being negotiated: 

1. Using the Harper email system

2. Continuing eligibility for adjunct’s who are bumped from classes that had been assigned to them

3. Improved updating of membership lists

4. Using extra personal paid leave for special circumstances

5. Increasing paid leave in the summer

6. Having special paid leave for jury duty

7. Strengthening the safeguards for discipline

8. Assuring uniform evaluations

9. Honoring long-term employees by giving them preference in class assignments

10. Increasing professional development and expediting theapplication process

11. Assigning internships

12. Developing online courses

13. Aligning adjuncts’ assignments for large lecture classes with full-time faculty’s

13, Providing access to health insurance

 Salary is the last item on our agenda.  We remain hopeful that despite difficult financial times, the College will reward its dedicated adjuncts properly.

We hope to finish negotiations very soon!  As soon as we have a full tentative agreement with the College, dues-paying members will be contacted and asked to vote on whether or not to approve the tentative agreement.  (Note:  Grandfathered adjuncts and fair share fee payers are not eligible to vote on the new contract.)

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